JPD Financial

JPD Financial
For over 30 years JPD Financial has been working on behalf of our customers to research and recover money that would otherwise be lost in today's automated systems. We provide both Vendor Credit Recovery and traditional AP auditing services which provides an inside and outside perspective that maximises the potential recoveries for our customers.
Our unique Vendor Credit Recovery service (powered by a leading-edge cloud technology platform) means that we can increase the money we find for you by working with your vendors to research credits, overpayments and misapplied or duplicate payments that appear on their receivable records. These credits may not appear in your payables system or on the standard statements your company receives, hence we find money that would not be picked up by traditional AP audit companies. This results in a greater amount of money going to the bottom-line.
With offices in the US and Europe we are able to accommodate the needs of multi-national companies and organisations, particularly those with Global shared service centres. JPD’s credit review teams annually contact over 8 million suppliers in 110 countries for clients in 20+ industries.

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