18 - 19 September, 2018
Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

What's New For 2018?

1) Exclusive CFO Breakfast Briefing

This exclusive session will explore the top challenges on the CFOs agenda for 2018 that will help you create a world class finance function and drive your business to success. You will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as how to make more effective use of your own resources, how to improve finance technology and how to harness your data to gain a competitive advantage. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your top challenges with CFOs from top brands in a closed-door session.

2) More Interactive Sessions!

Interactive sessions are a great icebreaker and offer a welcome change from the standard power point presentations. Embrace the opportunity to get to know your peers a little better and compare experiences. There will also be an interactive game where you will be split into three tribes (teams), each tribe will be given a different employee persona (e.g. millennial, long-standing employee) and will compete against the other tribes to produce innovative strategies to empower these character types and harness their talents. We understand that networking time is invaluable and these sessions will help you get the most out of your time away from the office.

3) New City Centre Venue

Our priority at the Exchange is to create a space where you can talk openly and honestly with your peers and solution providers in a comfortable and relaxed environment. All Exchange venues are very carefully selected. We believe that the backdrop and ambiance are crucial to the success of an Exchange. By tying in rich traditions, historic significance and unsurpassed quality at stunning locations across the world; these venues present the perfect setting to conduct business and meet a peer group of senior strategists. The venues provide a peaceful and productive retreat, ensuring that you are able to focus on your priorities for participating in this Exchange. For this reason, we are moving the Finance Director Exchange into the heart of Amsterdam so you can take in this world renowned city and enjoy all the delights it has to offer!

4) Digging Deeper

Sometimes a 30 minute presentation is just not enough time to really explore the challenge at hand. This year, we are helping you find real solutions to your challenges through industry split round table discussions and ‘deep dive’ think tanks. Round tables will be split by industry to allow participants to focus their discussion around industry specific regulations. There will be three points of discussion for each table and at the end of the session each table will report back what their top takeaway is from each of the discussion points below. Deep dive think tanks help you to ask those all important questions you may not have had chance to ask in an earlier presentation. They are designed to encourage you to bounce ideas off other delegates and get to the heart of the subject.

5) Diversity and Inclusion

With recent revelations about the shocking gender pay gap in businesses across Europe this subject has become more important than ever. This year you will have the opportunity to discuss strategies to tackle this issue head on and increase diversity and inclusion at the executive level and beyond. This is crucial for any business that wants to strengthen its social and economic development to foster a culture of respect and equality.

6) Advisory Board

The Finance Director advisory board is a collection of carefully selected thought leaders and experts who are helping us shape the agenda of this event to ensure the content reflects the key issues and challenges you are currently facing. Advisory board members join quarterly conference calls to discuss the direction of the event and brain storm new ideas and topics to bring you cutting-edge programmes.